Our editors have compiled a list of the five strangest laptop mods that we’ve come across in recent time. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the list.

5. Home-Built Pong Laptop Clock

Apparently, a “modder” converted his Dell notebook into a Pong Clock using custom software. Though not the prettiest mod (lots of duct tape included), it works to say the least.

4. Wooden Laptop

The plastic shell on this old Dell laptop was replaced with a “wooden one” — made entirely of wood and leather. It’s powered by Linux and took approx. 4 months to complete. [Source]

3. Custom-Built Nokia 770 Laptop

ThoughtFix created his own custom-built Nokia 770 laptop, which includes “a keyboard, USB host ports, and an extended power source.”

The Keyboard is a Logitech keyboard designed for the PlayStation 2 purchased at Fry’s Electronics for about $20. This case is a Vaultz brand CD case purchased at Best Buy for about $20

2. iNoteBook

This person took his broken iBook 500 and crammed it inside a composition notebook-style case. Unfortunately, it needs an external display and power supply to function. [Source]

1. Pedal-Powered Laptop

This followup to the pedal-powered TV, builds upon that creation and uses the same technology to power an IBM ThinkPad. What are your thoughts?

The PPPM is used to power a laptop with pedal power. An easy pedal, the laptop is cold-booted and the video finishes with the laptop connected to the local wireless network. Add a laptop table, and pedal while you surf