With all the talk over futuristic supercars and what not, many auto enthusiasts forget that there’s plenty of superbikes, like the Ducati 1199 Panigale R, as well. Speaking of motorcycles, we’ve rounded up five of the strangest fails for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading to see them all.

5. Handlebars

We understand that some people who ride choppers like to have their handlebars up high for aesthetic purposes, but this guy might have taken things too far. While we can’t say that the placement is uncomfortable, it definitely looks strange.

4. Wheelie

If you’ve never done a wheelie on a motorcycle before, do not attempt the stunt on a superbike. Let’s just say that you’ll be doing yourself, and the motorcycle a big favor, as injuries to either can be quite costly.

3. BBQ

Before deciding to transport a BBQ grill home, be sure that you’re not riding a motorcycle. This person realized that, but still insisted on transporting the grill back home, albeit partially blind.

2. Bathtub

Now here’s something you’ll probably only see in Russia, a bathtub that’s been converted into a fully-functional motorcycle. As you can tell, the cops aren’t too fond of this homemade contraption.

1. Sparks

There’s nothing wrong with being on the heavy side of things, but we highly recommend staying away from riding as a passenger on motorcycles, or else you just may see sparks, the non-love-related kind.

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