These five case mods not only look cool, but also have other use[s] / functions. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list. (Thanks, Zipped)

Honorable Mention – FIFA Case Mod

Here’s an interesting mod: a FIFA-inspired case “that has actual players playing on a pitch adorned with the EA logo”. So if you get tired of looking at the monitor, watch some mini-soccer action. More info here.

The modder made a sketch using actual CAD software to plan out how he wanted it to look like first before getting busy cutting aluminum sheets with lasers


5. WrestleMania PC

Chaotic Computing took a WrestleMania “Stunt Action Ring” toy and transformed it into a fully functional computer. It’s currently a media server, but your inner-child can still use it to hold action figure wrestling matches as well.

The final picture, with Warrior and Triple H posing in the corners, shows the Wrestlemania Computer where it’s being used as a media server, with a firewire cable leading to the external hard drives


4. Rodent PC

A student at North Carolina State University modded his PC case “with 18 in. of PVC pipe, wood chips and a water bottle for his pet, L’il Buddy.” [Source]

3. Dew Mod

If you like the idea of having a Mountain Dew dispenser built in to your PC, check out the Dew Mod. Tyler Carlton took apart an old soda system and crammed it into a custom built case. On the inside, you’ll find an AMD Athlon 4800+ X2 processor, 2GB of OCZ Platinum DDR 3200, Dual GeForce 7800 GTXs, WD Raptor 75GB 10,000 RPM hard drive, and a LiteScribe DVD-RW. [Source]

2. Boombox PC

This Touchscreen Boombox PC combines a Hitachi TRK-8200HR and Fujitsu Stylistic 1200 Color Tablet PC into the sleek retro package you see above. Powered by Windows 98, this PC features a 20GB hard drive, 802.11b Wi-Fi, internal webcam, 4 USB ports, and a “custom desktop to keep original aesthetics”. Best of all, it’s still a fully functional radio.

1. Espresso Computer

Extreme modder René G from Germany invested $3,000 and put in over 80 hours of work to complete this impressive “Espresso Computer”. Unfortunately, this case mod only looks like a computer.

The system can make a cup of high quality espresso every 40 seconds. That would mean that in the course of a day, 2,160 cups of coffee could theoretically be brewed, providing the coffee beans were continually refilled