Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Strangest (or Coolest) Outdoor Gadgets” for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

5. Forecasting Umbrella

Just glance at the handle and if it’s pulsing blue light you’ll know to bring it along. We’re talking about Ambient Device’s “Forecasting Umbrella”. The latest local weather reports are delivered to the umbrella via Ambient’s proprietary network so you’ll never be caught in the rain again empty handed. It’s simple yet practical and something that we’d definitely consider buying. [Source]

4. NOS Powered Lawn Mower V2

MowZilla, successor to the original NOS Powered Lawn Mower, features “a nitrous purge, a Cherry Bomb muffler, K&N airfilter and NOS Powershot with 20lb bottle”.

3. HEMI-Powered BBQ Grill

For those who’ve always wanted a BBQ grill that can cook up to 240 hot dogs in just 3 minutes, check out Tim Kowalec’s custom creation — powered by a monstrous 345hp 5.7L V8 HEMI engine.

I love to BBQ but I am not sure I am satisfied with my department store model after looking at some of these crazy BBQs. Tim Kowalec built this HEMI-powered BBQ grill for Chrysler’s “What Can You HEMI?” contest


2. Techno Privacy Scarf

Developed by Joe Malia, this “Techno Privacy Scarf” supposedly protects your privacy when using portable devices in public areas.

How can you breathe in the thing? Well, if playing your handheld games or watching porn is more important than breathing, and you don’t mind looking like an anteater wearing a burqa, this scarf’s for you


1. Wearable Sleeping Bag

A wearable sleeping bag makes sense; anyone who’s ever gone camping knows how much space those things take up. Essentially, the Selk’Bag by Musuchouse can be used anywhere – outdoors, at home, work, during a boring class, and just about everywhere in between.

“Get inside, zip up and go out in the cold wilderness. Getting a little sleepy? Plop down on the snow and, eh, sleep.”


Honorable Mention – Hitachi AirSense Watch

Anyone who needs to measure the humidity, barometric pressure, or vibrations outdoors should consider Hitachi’s AirSense watch. Its basically a portable atmosphere monitor that can be worn on your wrist. That’s not all, this watch can also transmit data to a wireless receiver which is than used as part of a larger monitoring network. Available now in Japan at the price of $800. [Source 12]