This followup to our strangest Zune commercials, shows that Microsoft isn’t the only one needing a new marketing team. Which ones are your favorites?

5. Multi-Dimensional

“Multi-Dimensional” is basically trying to send the message that this system is the “complete entertainment experience”.

4. Rubik’s Cube

Yet another strange PlayStation 3 commercial from Sony’s marketing team.

Navigating the XMB itself is a doddle, with the eight main categories – menu, settings, photo, music, video, game, network and friends – branching off into a multitude of sub-options. As much as we’d love to list each and everyone of them, we’d kind of like to leave you at least SOMETHING to discover for yourselves


3. Furniture

This strange PlayStation 3 commercial for Europe shows a room full of exploding furniture. Here’s what Jason Chen of Gizmodo has to say:

We get a demonic baby, Japan gets a revelation while brushing, and Europe gets exploding furniture that touts the benefits of High Definition? It’s hard to say which region is the winner—I think we’re all losers here


2. The Wait

This was Sony’s first PlayStation 3 commercial for North America, called “The Wait”.

Look, I don’t want to hear any complaints about how this ad doesnt show any game footage. Or how it doesn’t even show the PlayStation 3. Or that if you didn’t know better, and somehow missed the final 3 seconds of footage, you’d have zero inclination this was PS3 related at all. Why? ‘Cause I like it.


1. Baby

Sony has released some informative and downright strange PlayStation 3 commercials in the past, but this one definitely takes the cake. [Source]