Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Strangest Remotes” for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue Reading” for the list…

Honorable Mention – Flip Remote

Similar in size and shape to a clamshell phone, this flip remote concept features programmable hot keys located on its exterior shell . Other specifications have not yet been released. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

The background idea is that a remote control is the central control instrument when enjoying TV, audio/video programs, and with this in mind, the Flip Remote with its playful character is intended for a (still) young customer group


5. EZ Power Remote

According to Pogo Products, the battery-free EZ Power Remote will stay charged for an entire week — on a full charge — by winding up the jog-shuttle.

The remote can control up to six different devices: TV, cable box, VCR, satellite system, auxiliary device and a DVD player, PoGo says


4. Handy – Hand Gesture Based Remote

Zhuan, Derrick, and Colin of Purdue University created “Handy”, a prototype “hand gesture based remote control”. The setup consists of a Handy box, an iPod Nano, and a BOSE Sound Dock. Video demonstration after the jump.

3. iBrella

The iBrella is “is a special umbrella that acts as an iPod interface.”

Actually, you can ‘emulate’ all iPod commands solely by physical interactions with the iBrella e.g. opening and closing the iBrella refers to starting and pausing the iPod. Furthermore, you can select a random song by wildly shaking the iBrella in the air. Mode switching for different control modes is done by simply ’stabbing’ the iBrella in the air

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2. NES Controller TV Remote V.2

Andy S. created his own version of the NES Controller TV Remote, complete with numberpad and wireless functionality.

…granted that is nothing new, except ive included a 0-9 numberpad on the back of the unit, its great for functionality

1. Universal Firearm Remote

How about a TV remote that’s shaped like a 9mm semi-automatic handgun? This device “slides snugly beneath elastic waistbands for quick-draw access and features a detachable lithium-ion magazine, posi-lock channel changer and safety mode to prevent dropped pistols from accidentally going off (or switching to Fear Factor).”[Source]