Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Strangest (or Coolest) Skateboards” for your enjoyment. Which one are your favorites? “Continue Reading” for the full list. (Thanks, Zipped)

5. BMW StreetCarver

At first glance, BMW’s StreetCarver looks to be a normal skateboard, but it actually feels more like a snowboard. One drawback, it costs a whopping $559.99.

The extra poundage actually works to the board’s advantage. The undercarriage mated to the wood-and-fiberglass-inlay deck absorbs road shock with a satisfying deep thud sound and the absence of vibration. There’s no lip to kick where the board protrudes beyond the trucks at either end. Monster-size 110mm wheels mounted on the cast trucks are almost three times the size of wheels on most boards

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4. Dewey Weber Twin Motor Skateboard

At $559, the “Dewey Weber Twin Motor Skateboard” goes from 0-20mph in just 4-seconds — powered by “a variable speed high torque, 400 watt electric motor.” Fully charged, you’ll get an impressive range of approx. 12-15 miles.

The 4 inch wheels are the largest ever made for a skateboard which also provide maximum stability. Cable Connected remote control gun offers reliable, precise, power and braking without interferance

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3. USurfer UM70 Electric Skateboard

With a top speed of 12mph, the USurfer UM70 is ideal getting around town. The frame is solidly constructed from steel/aluminum and complement the Maply ply wooden deck. Powered by two 12v 15AH sealed lead acid batteries, the UM70 is good for 4 hours on a full charge. This strange gadget will set you back a whopping $863. [Source]

2. Freeline Skates

This is what you get when you cut two pieces off a skateboard and attach wheels to each piece. Introducing Freeline Skates by Ryan Farelly, these things are supposed to be ridden like a snowboard by twisting your body side to side and turning your feet in/out. They’re made from 2 independent aluminum skates, traditional skateboard grip-tape, and 72M custom grade polyurathane wheels. Though not technically a skateboard, these Freeline Skates were definitely inspired by them. [Source 12]

1. Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Created by the UBC Electric Bike Club, this self-balancing 2 wheeled electric skateboard was inspired by Dean Kamen’s Segway and is driven by “a pair of high current bi-directional DC motor controllers”.

The steering control of the board is just like on a regular skate. You tilt the deck side to side. Since the deck is mounted by only 2 rubber bushings, it is able to pivot along this axis by a few degrees. An IR sensor underneath measures this tilt which causes one of the motors to drive faster than the other.