Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Strangest (or Coolest) Tech Tables” for your enjoyment. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the full list.

Honorable Mention – TouchTable

Similar to Lambda technology, the TouchTable “was designed as a toolset that allows users to quickly analyze and manipulate important data in critical situations”.

Functioning as both a presentation and input device, the TouchTable displays data directly on the table surface where it can be manipulated using hand gestures. This allows users to gather around the table to view, control and discuss the displayed information

Honorable Mention – SenseTable

Developed by the MIT Media Lab, “SenseTable” is “a system which tracks the positions of intelligent objects on a tabletop surface, and projects information onto the objects themselves.”

The applications I’ve applied Sensetable to include business supply chain management, urban planning, interactive visual art, and the performance and composition of electronic music

5. WikiTable

The WikiTable is an “ubiquitous Wiki interface for multiple user collaboration on concept maps — users around the table may visualize and edit the graph using a simple finger grammar.”

4. Panasonic’s Interactive Table

With Panasonic’s Interactive Table, you can perform a variety of tasks such as viewing a calendar, synchronizing your cell phone, and even turn the TV on/off. [Source]

3. Delightable – The Touch-Sensitive Table

Designed by Thomas Gardner (2003), the “Delightable” sports a “pressure-sensitive surface starts to glow with the slightest touch.” See it in action after the jump. Available now here for a whopping $2,256.

KLOSS has developed the concept to fit within a panel only 20 mm thin! It runs on a safe 12 volts, and is completely waterproof

2. Coffee Table PC

Designed by Stephen Johnson, this water-cooled “Homebrew Coffee Table PC” boasts a TV tuner, 160GB HDD, an integrated LCD display, and built-in Wi-Fi for all your streaming needs. Unfortunately, prices for one of these custom creations start at $4,772. [Source]

1. Noise-Sensitive Table

This noise-sensitive table has dots that offer two levels of feedback and “over time, users can get a cumulative representation of their interaction”. [Source]