Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Strangest (or Coolest) Tech Toys” for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

5. Record Runner

Grand-Illusions shows off this interesting gadget called the “Record Runner” — basically a toy that replaces the turntable.

Underneath the car is a needle that will sit in the slot on the record. Switch the car on, and it travels around the record, playing the record as it goes. Within the car is a small amplifier and a speaker

4. HydroFlyer

The HydroFlyer could be the strangest radio-controlled toy ever. It runs on water, grass, hard surfaces, and can even fly. [Source]

3. TileToy – LED Puzzle Game

TileToy is “a modular, electronic game prototype for tangible LED game tiles” — consisting of four 2-inch squares, each with an LED matrix system.

Each tile is controlled individually and can be used to transmit information on its own or in groups of several tiles. The assembled tiles transmit wirelessly their individual position in relation to each other and based on that changing information, a central computer, or a dedicated tile runs the different applications.

2. Shocking Tanks

These radio controlled tanks are equipped with an infrared-cannon for shooting your opponent’s vehicle — when hit, the controller sends out an electric jolt.

Winning a match requires five successive hits to your opponents tank. LEDs built into the tanks indicate the score. Handy wrist straps are built into each controller so that when you shock your boss and he freaks out and drops his controller, it won’t hit the floor


1. Rubber Band Gatling Gun

This “Rubber Band Gatling Gun” can hold approx. 400-rounds , allowing you to shoot a constant stream of rubber bands. Unfortunately, it’s priced at a hefty $395.

It stands 40 inches tall and 44 inches from the handle to the tip of the barrels. The turret effortlessly spins a full 360 degrees and tilts from 45 degrees up to 22 degrees down so you can easily keep a moving target in your sights, no matter where it goes


Honorable Mention – Mirage 2000

The Mirage 2000 is a classic gadget that produces a “small, full-color hologram of natural, lifelike appearance, allowing 360-degree viewing” of objects that are placed inside.

The physical object to be converted to a hologram is placed in the concave centre of the bottom mirror. A hologram instantly projects up through this aperture, appearing to the viewer as a truly solid object.