Our editors have compiled a list of the “Top 5 Strangest (or Coolest) Wooden Gadgets” for your enjoyment. Which ones are your favorites?

5. Wood LED Clock

When turned off, this clock looks just like a regular block of wood. Once powered up, the LED lights display the time on this regular looking block of wood. Time adjustment knobs and a “power adapter” jack can be found on the back. [Source]4

4. USB Wood Sticks

It may look like a wooden stick, but Guido Ooms latest creation is actually a portable USB 2.0 storage device that comes in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB capacities. Each one is handmade and needs to be special ordered. [Source]

3. Six-Legged Robot with PS Controller Port

This “autonomous/RC crawling 6 legged robot with 14 RC servos” proves that Playstation controllers are good for more than just playing games. It uses the controller to test walk cycles and for changing parameters in real time. The body is constructed from precision-milled plywood and was designed on a PC.[Source 12]

2. Tanomi Wooden Keyboard

It functions and looks like a normal keyboard, but the exterior is made entirely out of wood. Here’s the strange part, it costs a whopping $2500!

…everybody’s had the desire to type with their fingers lingering over smooth, cool wood, but almost every version I’ve ever seen made ends up looking both goofy and uncomfortable. This keyboard does not have that problem


1. Functional Wooden Cadillac

Jerry Nickel spent nearly four years building this masterpiece. The body consists of laminated 1-inch strips of mahogany, 1,000 board-feet of wood (cut into 4183 pieces), 5 gallons of glue, 60 pounds of drywall screws, and 4 gallons of varnish. It’s powered by two 500 cubic inch Cadillac V8 engines.

“There’s little doubt that this car is one of a kind. Nickel got the idea to build a wooden car from an article in a 1955 issue of Hot Rod magazine. Once Nickel retired from the waste collection business, he began making his dream come true.”

[Source 12]

Honorable Mention – Expensive Wood Cell Phone

Limited to just 200 handsets worldwide, this exquisite piece is crafted from Ebony wood – mix that in with titanium/aluminum and you get this luxurious piece. Plus, it also comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera, 32MB memory, and Bluetooth connectivy — shouldn’t you expect more from a $2,000+ handset?[Source]