As many geeks already know, steampunk refers to modders who give modern day things a Victorian-era makeover. For example, the Iron Man suit above looks to be straight from the late 1800s. Continue reading to see five more of the weirdest steampunk creations.

5. R2-D2

Artist Jordan Thomas “creates amusing and imaginative steampunk robot sculptures”, such as the R2-D2 robot above. We are still waiting for its companion, C-3PO, though seeing a Victorian-era Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, or Princess Leia wouldn’t hurt either.

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4. Rotary Mechanical Phone

File this under: steampunk cell phones. Called the Rotary Mechanical, this steampunk smartphone “is based on the idea of incorporating more feeling and life into our everyday digital objects.” There are two interchangeable brass dials, a true rotary dial and a button dial, the act of changing these is inspired from changing the lenses on a camera. The body is electroplated copper which is then painted and designed to improve aesthetically as is wears.

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3. Xbox 360 Controller

Similar to this NERF gun, a talented gamer decided to give the Xbox 360 controller a Victorian-era makeover. Featuring “beautifully carved wood and leather for the handles, with bronze for the buttons.”

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2. Optimus Prime Helmet

Besides looking like something from a Transformers movie set in the far past, this steampunk helmet is actually wearable and boasts a bronze finish, complete with patina paint job. One caveat: authentic Peter Cullen sound bits.


1. Wozniak’s Conundrum

The Mac Store’s “Wozniak’s Conundrum” just might be the world’s first and only steampunk Mac. Simply put, it’s “an amalgam of a 1991 Mac and a 114-year old Remington typewriter.” Plus, “the mod also has a couple of other pieces ancient equipment; the mouse for instance, is a repurposed Morse code telegraph key, and the 56K modem is made up of old telephone parts – and it has a floppy drive.”


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