What do you do when you run out of USB ports? Get a hub of course. However, most hubs can be quite dull and boring. Our editors have compiled five of the weirdest for your viewing enjoyment. To start, we have the Solid Alliance food plate, which looks quite tasty to say the least. Continue reading to see them all.

1. Motorcycle Engine

More function than form, this tiny motorcycle engine USB hub won’t break any speed records, but it does power up to 3 of your favorite gadgets. Now, all we need is an actual motorcycle-shaped USB hub to please cycle enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Turtle

Thanks to its USB 2.0 capabilities, Brando‘s turtle hub features 4-ports and even a small tray for all your stationary accessories. Just don’t go pitting this gadget against in a real turtle when it comes to a foot race.

3. Beer Can

Though you can’t chug this can of beer, it does come loaded with a multi-format memory card reader, three USB 2.0 ports, and plug & play support. It weighs in at just 101g, and costs $20.

4. Wall Socket

Wall sockets aren’t synonymous with computers, but that didn’t stop Audio Cubes from making that idea a reality. Simply plug it into your a compatible PC, and it becomes “a kind of wall socket for your USB peripherals.”

5. Monster

Not exactly the scariest of monsters, the USB Hub Monster does have six highly adjustable legs that can move around to fit up to 6 USB-powered gadgets. To build your own, you’ll need: a “7-port D-Link USB hub, 7 one-foot USB extension cables, 10-foot roll of 9-gauge armature wire, and black fabric.”


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