Worst Parking Driving

What could be worse than parallel parking on a busy street? Apparently, any form of parallel parking for this person, who spent 15-minutes of going in and out of a space that would accommodate a larger-sized Ford pickup, all the while being filmed by some lads from an office building. Fortunately, the parking fiasco ends on a good note. Continue reading to see some of the worst drivers and their parking disasters.

5. Parking Exit

If the cars next to you decide to be inconsiderate and pack your car in like sardines, we understand taking a few tries to get out of a parking spot safely, but as you see, this video shows the extricating moments a driver makes an 20-plus point turn to exit a seemingly simple car parking space.

4. Stuck in Reverse

Earning him the dubious accolade as China’s ‘worst driver’, this unnamed man was caught on CCTV taking 10-minutes to simply reverse out of a parking spot. That’s not where the fun ends, while doing the said reversing, he managed to hit the car next to him a whopping 15-times.

3. The BMW

In this video FAIL shot in a parking lot in California’s Bay Area, a woman manages to turn what should have been a quick maneuver into a 4-minute ordeal. You’ll see her first drive into the spot at a bad angle after going the wrong way down a parking lot. Once in front of the parking space, the woman constantly turns the wheel the wrong way.

2. Reversing

This female driver in the Czech Republic repeatedly failed to park her car, but it’s not what you think. Spotted in the capital Prague, she tries reversing her car into a parking space outside a block of flats. As construction workers watch on, the increasingly frustrated driver reverses a total of six times, banging into the car next to her before finally managing to park.

1. 42-Point Turn

We understand that there’s snow on the ground, and it may be slippery, but that’s still no excuse for making a 41-point turn just to get out of a parking space. After watching this video a few times, it appears as if the red car behind the BMW is giving the driver more problems than needed. Fortunately, one person who steps outside of a store decides to guide her out, finally.