Young auto enthusiasts rejoice! The Toyota Camatte is an electric concept car unveiled at the June 2012 Tokyo Toy Show that’s designed specifically for kids. The name ‘Camatte’ comes from the Japanese word ‘kamau’, meaning ‘care’. Its outer panels are removable, allowing the user to customised the body work. Two sets of panels have been shown – the Camatte Sora has an aqua and white, rounded design with cycle guards over the front wheels and the Camatte Daichi has a sandy brown, angular design with integrated front wheel guards. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

Toyota has also swapped out the Camatte’s pedals in favor of an electrical drive system, making the 2013 Camatte a little less Flintstones and a little more Power Wheels. The DIY factor of this year’s model has also been ratcheted up. Instead of a mere handful of removable panels, the Camatte features 57 unique, interchangeable pieces. Each needs to be screwed in individually, but Toyota’s designers like it that way.