Trailer Valet RVR

Think of the Trailer Valet RVR as a wireless mini tank that can pull even the heaviest of loads. Simply hitch it onto your RV or trailer, and use a remote to guide it with extreme accuracy, complete with four planetary gear motors, caterpillar treads, and a full 360° range of motion. This means you’ll be able to traverse asphalt, grass, gravel and even dirt. Continue reading for two more videos and more information.

“And because the RVR has a 40 foot range and half-hour run-time, you can check all your corners and angles without any help. The land-bound tugboat comes in three weight classes, 3,500, 5,500, or 9,000 pounds. Who knows, with this thing, you may actually grow to enjoy putting your RV away for the week,” reports Hi Consumption.

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