Trophy Rat

Trophy Rat looks like an old truck or hot rod pickup at first, but Northrup Fab created something that could handle a zombie apocalypse. Under the hood it packs a 300-horsepower, 5.7L Corvette-sourced LS6 small block V-8 engine, while to handle the rough terrain, it boasts an A-Arm independent front suspension, controlled by custom-valved 2.5 King coilovers, which provide 6-inches of upwards suspension travel. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Those monstrous shoes on the Trophy Rat are the aptly named Nitto Trail Grapplers, affixed to a set of 17×9 TrailReady HD beadlocks. All told, the project took a little over 2.5 years to complete,” reports Hi Consumption.