Looking for a secondary computer that’s not only portable, but designed specifically for web browsing / apps? Then look no further than Google Chromebooks. We’ve rounded up two models – the Acer C7 and Samsung Chromebook – that can be picked up for less than $250 shipped. Continue reading for more.

2. Acer C7 Chromebook

The Acer C7 boots-up in less than 20 seconds, never slows down, and is perfect for web browsing, as images come alive on its 11.6 HD display. There are HDMI / VGA outputs to allow for easy external monitor connection. It’s powered by a 1.10 GHz Phenom Dual-Core processor, 2GB of RAM, 320GB HDD, and 802.1bgn Wi-Fi. Product page.

1. Samsung Chromebook

Samsung’s Chromebook weighs a mere 2.4-pounds, measures 0.7 inches thin, and boasts an impressive 6.5 hour battery life on a single charge. That’s not all, it’s designed to stay cool, so it doesn’t even have have fans. Users will also get 100GB of free Google Drive storage (for 2 years), a built-in webcam, and dual band Wi-Fi connectivity. Product page.

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