Ulstein Thor Ship Thorium Molten Salt Reactor MSR
The Ulstein Thor ship just might be the world’s first to feature a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) capable of generating large amounts of clean, safe electricity. This enables the 3R (Replenishment, Research and Rescue) vessel to operate as a mobile power / charging station for a new line of battery-driven cruise ships.

If Thor becomes a reality, it would realize the vision of zero-emission cruise operations. Ulstein took the first step by developing the ULSTEIN SIF concept, a 100m long, 160 POB capacity, zero-emission expedition cruise ship. This Ice Class 1C vessel will be powered by next-generation batteries, utilizing ‘Thor’ to recharge while at sea. Now just imagine if the E1 Series RaceBird was equipped with a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor.

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Ulstein Thor Ship Thorium Molten Salt Reactor MSR

We have the goals, ambition and environmental imperative to switch to zero-emission operations, but, until now, we haven’t had the solution. We believe ‘Thor’ might be the answer we’ve been looking for. ‘Thor’ is essentially a floating, multi-purpose ‘power station’ that will enable a new battery revolution,” said Cathrine Kristiseter Marti, Ulstein CEO.

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