We’ve scoured the net for two game rooms that could quite possibly be worth more than your house. Which one is your favorite?

Arcade Machine Mania

Peter Hirschberg built this incredible gameroom inside of his house — encompassing two large rooms, it measures approx. 500 sq. feet and features black light carpeting.

The main section is 19′ x 18′, and a railed elevated section measures 22′ x 7′. The extended gameroom is about 11′ x 26′ (286 sq.ft.) and has checkered vinyl flooring and rope lighting. All games are dedicated originals – no conversions. Not all the machines are depicted in the gameroom photos. There’s just not room for all of them in the gameroom, and some are in another room awaiting refurbishing.


Now that’s what I call a video game collection. This person probably owns every game, console, and accessory in existence. [Source]