V8-Powered Saw Chainsaw

When is a chainsaw not just a simple portable tool used to cut wood? When it’s powered by a 4.1-liter Holden V8 engine. This monster has the capability to mow straight through performance 550m hardwood in a mere 2.4-seconds without breaking a sweat. The custom chainsaw by Australia-based Whitlands Engineering has been equipped with a 3/4 Harvester chain along with a 1000mm Harvester bar. Earmuffs are recommended, thanks to the deafening 120-horsepower setup. Continue reading for the video and more information.

“Want one of these serial tree-killing monsters? Too bad. Whitlands built the V8 saw purely as a marketing exercise. They give demonstrations at local wood chop events though, where the muscle saw is frequently the main attraction. If you live in the land down under, you can see the V8 chainsaw in action at the Australia Day woodchop event in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria gardens,” reports GM Authority.

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