Vantrue N1 Mini Dash Cam

Vantrue’s N1 Mini Dash Cam not only records high-quality video at all-times while driving, but it’s being offered for only $59.99 shipped with coupon code: BH2F9URO, today only, originally $139.99. It offers Full HD 1920×1080 resolution recording at 30fps + HDR, super night vision, a 156° viewing angle and an F2.0 6-layer glass lens. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: BH2F9URO during final checkout to receive the additional discount. Continue reading for another full video review and more information.

“This camera has intuitive controls, good looking video in the daytime, and decent quality video at night. It’s a little more expensive than the ultra-cheap G1W, but unlike that camera the interface here is polished, the IR light doesn’t randomly turn on and off, the date doesn’t reset with every power cycling, and the vendor appears to support the camera with updates to the firmware. The camera is very small (which is great for the small roadster I installed it in). The 9V plug has a USB port built it, which solves the other problem I had of needing to also plug in my bluetooth radio gadget,” said one reviewer. More information.

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