Vetigel Blood

Invented by former NYU student and now Suneris CEO Joe Landolina, VetiGel stops bleeding almost instantly with a two-part process: first is a plant-based hemophilic polymer that grabs onto the blood and ‘snaps it back together to seal the wound’; next is a polymer then replicates the skin tricking the body into thinking it is skin. Landolina says, “We extract pieces of the cell walls out of the plant, kind of like LEGO blocks. When applied to a wound, these LEGO blocks reassemble with whatever you put them next to.” Continue reading for a more detailed video and additional information.

VetiGel has many practical uses, including in dusty, dirty war zones, where it would be a temporary fix to help soldiers until they receive proper medical help. Landolina claims that VetiGel could potentially replace 80% of the wound-care market such as band-aids, antiseptic gels and bandages.

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