Lamborghini Powered Motorcycle

Hearing a Lamborghini V12 in-action is something most auto enthusiasts will never forget, now imagine that rumble coming from a motorcycle. The beast you see above made an appearance at Cars and Coffee Alpharetta, GA this past weekend weekend, complete with six carburetors and those familiar throttle bodies. Auto Evolution reports, “Up until the Aventador was launched, Lamborghini improved on the same 60-degree quad-cam V12 Bizzarini designed in the early 60s. Over the years, the engine went from 3.5 to 4.0, 6.2 and 6.5 liters, with the muscle increasing from 274 to 670 hp.” Continue reading for the clip and more information.

“There are a lot of details that stand out, but to me the handlebars mounted in the middle are the most remarkable. They are there for a reason, as it was the only way a human being could have reached them from the saddle. But all these details pale in comparison with the sound this thing makes. Scroll down to hear it,” says Car Scoops.

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