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China has successfully launched Chang’e-3, a Long March rocket, on a mission to the moon, carrying a lunar rover called Jade Rabbit. The rover itself can be compared to a small camping trailer, weighing just over 300 pounds. The mission will consist of analyzing rocks and soil, mapping the landing area, and making astronomical observations using an optical telescope and ultraviolet cameras. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Dvice says that “Chang’e-3 will be the first man-made object to land in a controlled manner on the Moon since the Soviets landed Luna 24 in August of 1976. The U.S. hasn’t landed anything on the Moon’s surface since the manned Apollo 17 mission way back in 1972. In the 37 years since Luna 24, there have been eight missions that have intentionally crashed into the Moon’s surface, but that’s a whole lot easier than making a soft landing and sending back data.”