The Swarm is a steel Wing Coaster at Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom. The roller coaster begins in the station which is a partially destroyed church, and climbs up a 38.6-metre (127 ft) chain lift hill. Upon reaching the top of the lift hill, the track tilts 180 degrees anticlockwise, so that riders are upside down, before plunging down the world’s first ‘inverted drop’. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

The train then proceeds to dive under the wing of a smouldering wrecked plane and incline into a zero-g roll 30.6 metres (100 ft) above the ground before passing through a billboard and then enters an incline loop. It then enters a turn around with a wrecked helicopter with slow-spinning rotor blades in the center.

This is followed by a corkscrew through the inclined loop, creating a near-miss point. Upon leaving the corkscrew the train curves past a crashed fire engine with water and fire effects and proceeds through a partly destroyed church tower.[32][36] The ride then flys over the station and enters into a last inline twist before the final brakes of the ride stop the train and guide it back into the station.[28] The ride features an on-ride video camera, as tested before at Thorpe Park in the Saw: The Ride roller coaster. Both water and fire effects are utilized at points in the ride.