Tony Hawk Hoverboard

Now that you’ve seen the Hendo Hoverboard, this new video shows what it’s like when skateboard pro Tony Hawk tries the board out. Just to recap, it works by generating a magnetic field over a conductive metal surface (copper, aluminum, etc.), which then generates an opposing field, causing the Hendo to hover about an inch above the ground. One caveat: this prototype only has a 7-minute battery life. Continue reading for the clip and more information.

“In the Kickstarter campaign launched by Arx Pax last month, 10 Marty McFly wannabes paid $10,000 for the privilege of owning one in a year’s time. The campaign has raised nearly $500,000, close to double its initial goal. Reassuringly, Hawk experienced the same vertigo-inducing spin effect as our intrepid reporter, though he managed to ride the bull somewhat longer before bailing,” according to Yahoo News.

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