B61-12 Atomic Bomb Nuclear Gravity Bomb

Photo credit: Mail Online

The US Air Force has successfully tested a precision-guided B61 Model 12 nuclear gravity bomb, the first of five new atomic warheads planned as part of a new U.S. arsenal which is said to cost up to $1-trillion dollars over the next 30 years. Each warhead is guided by a radar and steered using four maneuverable fins, specifically to destroy weapons bunker and test sites with extreme accuracy.The bomb’s explosive strength can be increased or decreased, depending on the target and the risk of collateral damage. Click here to view more images.

The B61-12 is being pursued as a forward-deployed tactical nuclear weapon to protect NATO and Asian allies, and having a credible American nuclear deterrent may dissuade allies from developing their own nuclear weapons. The B61-12 can be deployed from dual-capable fighter aircraft, as well as planned to arm the F-35 and Long Range Strike Bomber.