Virtual Desktop Oculus

We have seen the future of Windows, and it’s in virtual reality. Introducing Virtual Desktop, a free app that transforms the entire Windows operating system into a VR-capable platform. In addition to surfing the web, you can also use it for games (Minecraft, Street Fighter V, etc.), Facebook, or even Photoshop. When launched, users are greeted with a curved, floating Windows desktop – wallpaper, icons, Start button and all. Continue reading for a tech demo and more information.

“Welcome to your new office…in the midst of interstellar space. Virtual Desktop comes with a few different starry background options, or you can opt for complete darkness if you can’t help but be distracted by the beautiful nebulae (yes that’s the plural of nebula) around you. There’s also a home-theater option for when it’s movie time (though you can use your desktop in there too!),” according to Road to VR.

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