Work doesn’t always have to be dull and boring. These five wacky gadgets might just liven up your workspace…a little.

Circuitboard Coasters

In most cubicles these days you’ll find a computer, desk, chair, and who knows what other boring things. Liven it up with these Circuitboard Coasters from ThinkGeek, they come in a six pack tin and measure 3.75″ in diameter. No two coasters are the same, each one is made from a different circuitboard. [Source]

Voltron – Audio Light Meter

Designed by James Clar, “Voltron” is basically a “giant audio light meter”, which “takes an RCA input and converts the sound levels into light levels.” Perfect for the office or home.

USB-Powered Missile Launcher

Brian from NotebookReview recently got his hands on this nifty USB-powered missile launcher, which features “3 foam missiles, a three foot USB cable, sound effects, and a Windows XP control program.” Available now, priced at $35.

Defending your desk from office lurkers and other undesirables just got easier. Hook up two or more if you need extra protection. At $35 they’re not exactly cheap, but for the guaranteed hours of enjoyment and ridiculous cool factor, it’s a small price to pay


Babble: Sound Management System

At the touch of a button, Babble emits a continuous stream of white noise, providing voice privacy without walls. It’s perfect for the office or home.

The easy-to-use Babble features a compact footprint approximately the size of a tape dispenser. Babble is compatible with nearly all office telephone systems and can be plugged into any standard power outlet


Head Spa Massager

Whip out the “Head Spa Massager” and feel the stress of getting laid off melt away. This device combines Japanese engineering with Italian design. It uses acupressure technology to stimulate blood circulation for a truly zen-like experience on the go. Powered by rechargeable battery, it can be used just about anywhere. Available now for $49.95 from GadgetUniverse.

“Alleviate stress, tension and help soothe that migraine with our Brain Spa Head Massager. It’s like having your very own Masseuse.”


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