Wailord Poke Plush Pokemon
Unlike the pure silver Pokémon cartridge, this gigantic 57.75-inch Wailord plush is perfect for hugs and made from soft fabric, complete with embroidered details. This water-type Pokémon was originally discovered in the Hoenn region and is a Pokémon Center Original, which means you won’t be able to find it anywhere else new.

Wailord Poke Plush Pokemon
In the game, Wailord is basically a gigantic blue whale-like Pokémon with a wide mouth filled with baleen-like teeth. Its round, blimp-shaped body sports two pairs of fins on either side and a small crescent-shaped tail fluke. It typically travels in pods across great expanses of the ocean and herd shoals of small prey into a ball before swallowing them whole. Two caveats: this real-life plush retails at $419.99 USD and it doesn’t ship until November 2023. More information here.

Pokemon TCG: Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box
  • 10 Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith booster packs
  • 1 etched foil promo card featuring Lucario VSTAR
  • 65 card sleeves featuring Lucario

Wailord Poke Plush Pokemon


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