WalkCar Personal Transporter

At first glance, this looks like a MacBook or laptop of some sort, but WalkCar is actually the world’s smallest electric vehicle, or so Japan-based Cocoa Motors Inc. claims. Weighing in at just 4.4-pounds, thanks to an aluminum chassis, it has a top speed of 6.2-miles-per-hour, and a 7.4-mile range when fully charged. Once you stand on the WalkCar, the board automatically, starts moving, while simply stepping off stops the vehicle. Want to turn? Just shift your weight. Continue reading for three more videos of prototypes, including one with a handle.

“I thought, ‘what if we could just carry our transportation in our bags, wouldn’t that mean we’d always have our transportation with us to ride on?’ and my friend asked me to make one, since I was doing my masters in engineering specifically on electric car motor control systems,” according to 26-year-old Cocoa Motors founder Kuniako Saito.