Holochess Star Wars

Ian Martin, a web developer and owner of Dejarik Creations, decided to build a real-life version of the holochess table from Star Wars Episode: A New Hope. Adding to the authenticity, he partnered with his dad to bild a tabletop rotocasting machine so that hollow models could be cast to reduce weight and balance the top-heavy models. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“Nine months ago, I started the ‘Dejarik Project’ as a creative outlet. I began to hand sculpt and cast 1:1 scale replicas of the original Star Wars: A New Hope Holochess monsters.

I honestly didn’t think I would have the determination to finish all eight, but instead, I found that I not only finished all of them, but managed to put together a full-sized table with working electronics (10 working knobs, 54 functional buttons, 26 lights, and two LCD display screens), that can actually play the unofficial game using a program I have written. Now my brother Scott is writing and illustrating a Dejarik Rule Book and Table Manual, and modeling a custom set of dice that can be used to play the game when an electronic Dejarik table is not available,” said Martin to MAKE Zine.

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