Who knew the Porsche 917 or a pile of mouse pads could be made into couches? Find those and more after the jump. Which ones are your favorites?

$7500 Porsche 917 Couch

This Porsche 917-inspired couch is the perfect accessory for the motor enthusiast, featuring a “front end made of fiberglass just like the original race car — slathered with nine coats of paint in the same style of many of those speed demons of the era.” Product page here.

Sure this model is lacking around 1,100 horsepower or so (from CanAm setup), but the company that makes it will paint it in your choice of livery. We’d of course stick with the Gulf-Wyer trimming. Just £3995.00 (~$7500) takes one home

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The Mouse Pad Couch

Instead of just throwing away those old unused mouse pads, this guy decided to make a couch out of them. [Source]

Interactive Gaming Couch

This interactive gaming couch by Sinua boasts electronic sensors that detect the seating positions of its players, which are then (data) converted into onscreen movements.

The thrill of this game is the possibility to influence it by changing the seating position on the sofa. All boundaries of the game show a typical behaviour of a wall. The more physical action used the faster the ball gets. Both, the “strategy of power” and the “strategy of minimal movement” lead to success.


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