While it may not be functional, this iPhone 5 knockoff is probably the first to be crafted entirely from a block of steel. If Apple were to officially release these as a limited edition collectible, signed by Tim Cook, we’re sure they could easily fetch $1000 – $5000 a piece. Continue reading to see the build process.

A steel plate at 140mm long, 60mm wide and 6mm thick. It is just perfect for iPhone 5. Then he began to cut and polish the steel plate according to iPhone 5’s dimensions. Make the steel grey by using chemical water. Don�t dye it with paint because it will fade easily. Using a polishing machine to polish the plate surface, which help to remove all the iron rust to make it feel smooth.

Using the same chemical water to dye the top and bottom part of the plate in order to make them darker than other parts of the plate. Draw an Apple logo and the “iPhone 5” with a pencil.



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