Speakers are good for music, movies, video games, and massages? That’s right, you’ll find the massaging speakers and more in this weird list. Which ones are your favorites?

Massaging Speakers

Created by Jacob Mathew, this weird stiletto-shaped speaker is part of his new “Soundsations” collection, which aims to “provide the music massage experience.” Here’s what Mark Wilson has to say:

I generally prefer my massage with actual massage and my wine with actual wine, along with my hearing with functional hearing. But speakers in my stilettos? Bring it


Mario Bros. Cube Speakers

These portable Mario Bros. cube speakers are compatible with any device that sports a standard headphone jack and come in black or white colors. Plus, you get to choose from four featured designs. [Source]


Get a 2.1 speaker system for your iPod that actually thumps with the stylish iWoofer. Plus, it doubles as an iPod Dock with charging/synchronization functions. Also included are a telescopic antenna, FM tuner, and a very cool-looking blue halo light found on the bottom. The iWoofer is powered by 4 AA batteries or AC and is compatible with all iPod models. [Source]

“World’s Thinnest Speaker”

At just 1.5mm-thick, Panasonic claims that it has developed the “world’s thinnest speaker”. Full production is expected to begin next year.

…cutting its previous best effort (an enormous 2.5 millimeters thick) by a full 40%, with this room-shaker sliding in at a far more manageable 1.5 millimeters (or 0.059 inches) . Rest assured, despite being sliced nearly in half, according to Panasonic, the speaker will boast the same great sound quality you’ve come to expect from a speaker the size of a postage stamp


Rubik’s Cube Speaker

This device connects to virtually any audio source and boasts LEDs that synchronize to your music.

Optimus Prime iPod Speakers/Dock

File this under: “Strange iPod Accessories“. At $144, the Optimus Prime iPod dock features stereo speakers — when transformed — and doubles as an expensive toy. This Apple-licensed gadget his shelves in July.

When in truck configuration, the 4.2 pound toy serves as a dock, with two speakers of unspecified output. It will work with all standard size iPods, though not the Shuffle. We’re guessing it can be battery powered, since the site mentions that there is also an AC connector

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