ISS Photography

Believe it or not, astronauts aboard International Space Station don’t use special cameras, but rather normal ones that you can find on Amazon among other retailers. NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us what it’s like to shoot beautiful places, such as Venice, The Dead Sea, and the Golden Gate Bridge, from the ISS. Hadfield was a part of three missions to space, and spent 166 days days there, all the while capturing 45,000 photos during that span of time. “You don’t always get it right. I mean, the National Geographic photographers – they take thousands of pictures for every one that makes it into the magazine. Same for us. But the world is a very generous photography subject and you have the best tripod in existence, so it’s a great place to take pictures,” said Hadfield. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“After getting back down to Earth for the last time, Hadfield went through his roughly 45,000 photos and worked to select the best of the best. His goal was to pick the views that he would want to show someone who was only able to go around the world in the ISS a single time,” according to Peta Pixel.


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