Phase One Camera

Nikon’s 36.3-megapixel D810 might be enough for most photographers, both amateurs and professionals alike, but for those who need a camera for extreme situations, there’s the Phase One x Alpa A lineup. Priced from $47000, these compact mirrorless cameras use 50, 60, or 80-megapixel full-frame CCD sensors that are calibrated for 70mm, 35mm, or 23mm Alpa lenses. Optionally, a mobile device running the company’s app on an iPhone or iPad enables photographers to review their photos from their handheld devices. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

“They look fantastic in your hands too, with natural rosewood handles and leather grips. The A-Series features specially calibrated wide and all-round focal length Rodenstock lenses and 5-year warranties that cover the entire camera system and lenses, should your ex not take too kindly to your tactics,” says Hi Consumption.


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