Rungu Trike

When a bicycle is combined with a three-wheeled fat tire trike, you get the Rungu Juggernaut Bullfrog. Made a fat-bike rear end, the Juggernaut boasts dual-head tubes with identical front wheels and forks that are steered through a connected handle bar. The company claims this adds additional stability and “gets you places your standard bike just won’t go,” thanks to the shoulder width front wheel spacing combined with low gearing. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Rungu believes the Juggernaut is the perfect surfing accessory due to its prowess on the sand. Even with a full-sized surf board, they’ve found a way to easily transport it. In addition to the tow behind method, the Juggernaut has a number of mounting holes for an overhead rack, like on a truck. Expect to shell out at least $2,500 to get your hands on one.

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