Shed Home

When closed up in storage mode, this looks like a giant shed, but step inside, and you’ll see that it is much more. This home, called the Sol Duc Cabin, was built for a couple that loves weekend fly fishing trips. Designed by the talented team at Olson Kundig Architects, this home boasts a protective steel exterior that slides across all of the windows, and can be easily controlled with a mechanically driven wheel. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Sol Duc Cabin

“It also needed to be able to withstand the frequent flooding caused by the local river, and to do this the designers built the structure on elevated stilts. The multi-level interior features timber panels lining the floor, walls and even ceiling. There’s a kitchen on the main floor along with a wash room, while a bedroom loft is located upstairs. All in all, the space is 30 square meters, and features everything one needs to thrive in the great outdoors. A river-facing balcony offers up some nice outdoor social space, while a cantilevered roof provides some nice protection from the harsh sun light,” says Hi Consumption.