Puppies Shaking

Photo credit: Carli Davidson

Oregon-based photographer Carli Davidson is back at it again, and her latest photo series is a shaker that involves lots of puppies to say the least. Here’s what she has to say: “I was also drawn to the idea of surrounding myself with puppies. It was almost medicinal-spending the day overdosing on cuteness. I love making books that focus on animals. I love knowing that these pictures can make people smile. While I feel a strong ethical responsibility to keep up with current events, these feel good creative projects to keep me from feeling hardened. They are mini escapes from the important but harsh realities we have in our faces 24/7.” Continue reading for more.

Puppies Carli Davidson

According to My Modern Met, “Shot both in her home studio and on location in people’s homes, the photos are all of dogs that are one-year-old or younger. Carli worked with rescue shelters and pet owners as much as possible.