When family portraits meet the zombie apocalypse, you get these creative pictures by “KC Phottography”. Let’s just say that things start out normal, but quickly take a turn to the undead. Continue reading for more pictures.

Fun facts:

  1. Zombies are almost entirely silent save for the noise they make while shuffling around. Use your vision and sense of smell to notice them!
  2. While slow moving, they never seem to tire. Running and frequently taking right angles seems to allow you to escape them. They do NOT corner well. Great on the flats though.
  3. Zombies appear to have excellent hearing. They are attracted to movement as well so if you can be quiet, and stay very still, there is a good chance they will not notice you!
  4. Zombies trip on just about anything in their way. If you can put obstacles in their way, most of them cannot wrap their decaying heads around how to get past it quickly.
  5. Lastly but not least, zombies don’t seem to be decaying at a normal rate. Not sure why, but it seems like once reanimated if they stay that way for any substantial length of time, say a week or more, they just kinda mummify.

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