If you guessed an underground tunnel, you’d be correct. That’s right, the Mole Gang “are believed to have spent up to six months digging an underground route from a secluded railway embankment to the ATM beside Blockbuster in Fallowfield; they then drilled up through 15 inches of concrete before swiping several thousand pounds from the machine – and escaping back down the tunnel.” Continue for more pictures and information.

The new tunnel, which started just yards from the old one, is believed to have been dug in the dead of night. It was 4ft tall and ran beneath the car park at Fallowfield Shopping Precinct, ending under the foundations of the Blockbuster store. The gang are believed to have painstakingly covered their tracks as they dug, shifting the soil they removed overnight to remain undetected.

They made off with the cash some time after 5.30pm on January 2. One member of staff at a shop on the precinct said: “It was a very professional job. The area is manned by a security guard at all times of day and night so to do this without being caught is incredible.”

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