WoKart Water Go-Kart

Designed by Dr. Theo Christen, the WoKart combines everything you love about go-karts, with an asymmetric catamaran outboard that’s ready to shred water. After years of development, it’s finally ready to hit stores. It comes equipped with a 70-horsepower outboard motor, enabling the craft to reach speeds of up to 46mph, all while being able to perform 90-degree turns on a dime. The development team was unable to flip a single Wokart after years of testing. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“You sit in it just like a car or go kart and drive it with pedals for the throttle; that sweet looking carbon fiber dash houses all the gauges you’d expect. Since you’ll be getting some pretty insane air in these things, the seat is designed with your life preserver in mind to ensure proper fit,” reports Super Compressor.

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