Drakan Spyder

Sector111 has just unveiled the Drakan Spyder, or basically a street legal go-kart. Unlike its smaller counterpart, this roadster / go-kart hybrid is powered by a Corvette-sourced LS3 V8 engine that generates 430-horsepower, mated to a Porsche G96 6-speed synchromesh transmission, enabling it to rocket from 0-60 mph in a mere 3.2-seconds. Continue reading for two more videos and information. Click here to view more pictures of the Drakan Spyder.

“Of course power is just one piece of the puzzle. This thing is also outfitted with a Fox Racing coil-over suspension system for precision cornering and four-piston forged calipers for stop-on-a-dime braking power. So whether you’re looking to hit the canyons or spend a day at the track, the $100,000 Drakan Spyder should fit the bill nicely,” according to Hi Consumption.