Hololens Minecraft

Today at E3 2015, Microsoft showcased just what HoloLens is capable of when combined with the hit game Minecraft. According to Kotaku, here are just a few of the possibilities: “You can play Minecraft right on your wall, and then transfer it to another surface; You can manipulate the world using your voice and your hands. And of course, you can walk around and change your viewpoint whenever you’d like; You can zoom in, out, and around using your voice; You can raise the world and see things that are normally not visible; Whatever you look at? The game is aware of it. During the demo, the presenter looks at a TNT pack and tells the game to strike it with lightning. Amazing.” Continue reading for the video.

In the brow of the unit is much of the sensors and related hardware, including depth sensors, photo/video camera, and holographic processing unit. The visor front is progressively tinted from darker at the top portion with the sensor hardware, to clearer at the bottom area. Enclosed in the visor piece is an transparent combiner lens, in which the projected image is displayed in the lower half. The HoloLens must be calibrated to the interpupillary distance (IPD) of the individual user. Similar to that of many other optical head-mounted displays, the display projection for the HoloLens occupies a limited portion of the user’s field of view, particularly in comparison to virtual reality head-mounted displays, which typically cover a much greater field of view.


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