Ghost Speedboat

What happens when you cross a Star Wars X-Wing, F-117A Nighthawk, and a speedboat? The “Ghost” by Juliet Marine. This crazy vessel was invented and designed by a medical tech millionaire Gregory Sancoff in Maine. It’s made to ‘fly’ above the water on legs and deliver marines into battle. The 38-foot long main cabin rests on top of a pair of 12-foot tall struts which, when moving at speed, prop the cabin above the water like a hydrofoil. Continue reading for more images and information.

According to The Daily Mail, “The struts swivel at their base, allowing them to be raised and lowered depending on the water depth. They’re sharpened along the leading edge as well to slice through submerged debris. Four propellers positioned at the front of the tubes are powered by the two 2,000-horsepower engines.”