Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

What do you get when you combine a giant hamster wheel with a standing desk? This creation by California-based designer Robb Godshaw. The wheel itself was designed using Autodesk Inventor and only took Godshaw 24 hours to build. For those who wish to recreate this wheel, you’ll need four sheets of plywood, four skate wheels, two pipes, 240 wood screws, and a pint of glue. Continue reading for a time-lapse video of the build process and also a link to the instructions.

Godshaw says, “You are not reaching your current productivity potential. Rise up, sedentary sentients, and unleash that untapped potential within by marching endlessly towards a brilliant future of focused work. Step forward into a world of infinite potential, bounded only by the smooth arcs of a wheel. Step forward into the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk that will usher in a new era of unprecedented productivity. Instruction page.