Seagate 6TB HDD

Seagate’s 6TB Desktop HDD ensures that you never run out of space, and it won’t break the bank either, priced a just $199.99 shipped, today only. This drive is up to 45% faster than the last generation thanks to Seagate OptiCache technology. OptiCache technology combines the latest advances in hard drive microprocessors, DRAM, and proprietary caching algorithms resulting in great performance improvements for you. Product page. Continue reading for a video showing a 300TB setup using these hard drives and more information.

Desktop HDD, 1TB-per-disk technology incorporates 340,000 unique tracks in the width of a single inch. This incredible storage density drives new capacity possibilities and lowers your total storage costs. Seagate AcuTrac technology enables storage densities with accurate reading and writing to nano-sized tracks that are only 75 nanometers wide! That’s about 1/500th the size of the period at the end of this sentence. More information.

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