You read that right, there is a reason why you’ll never see the iconic brown trucks make a left turn while on their delivery routes. In 2004 UPS announced that it would save fuel by minimizing left turns. Because drivers are idle at intersections while waiting to make left turns, UPS developed software that routes the day’s packages with preference to right turns. Since UPS operates a fleet of over 96,000 ground vehicles, the fuel savings are considerable. In 2005, UPS eliminated 464,000 miles (747,000 km) from its travel and saved 51,000-gallons of fuel. Continue reading to see what happens when a wild turkey meets an unlucky UPS driver on the street.

UPS is also using hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), albeit for local deliveries only. As of May 22, 2007, the company has 50 deployed in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix. The 50 HEVs are expected to cut fuel consumption by 44,000 US gallons (170,000 l) per year.

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