Wikipad Gamevice iPad

Compatible with the iPad Air, the iPad Air 2, and iPad mini, the Wikipad Gamevice connects via the Lightning connector and be available in four different models – each of those comes with two battery size options: an 800 mAH ($99.99) or 1,600 mAH. Slip your device into this accessory, and you’ll gain PlayStation / Xbox-like controls – A / B / Y / X face buttons, two bumpers, two triggers, a D-pad and two analog stick. Continue reading for more hands-on pictures and information.

“There will also be 4G LTE versions of the Gamevice that create Wi-Fi hotspots for your iPad. Wikipad hasn’t finalized the details of these models, but it says the data will cost around US$10 a month, and will give you respectable amounts of monthly data (perhaps in the 5 GB range),” reports Gizmag.

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